Is my client data secured?

Yes, we never share the data. The only person who can see your client’s data is you and your client. Every single piece of critical information in our system is encrypted with military-grade technology.

Security & Privacy Standards:

Our infrastructure resides in secured facilities in Australia managed by Amazon AWS™ and is monitored 24/7 by automatic processes that detect suspicious or unusual activity. We use enterprise level technology from Microsoft™, Amazon Web Services™, and other providers that follow the latest security standards.

Your Clients critical and valuable information is not readable.

We understand that certain pieces of identification-based information require special security and encryption. For this sensitive information, we use military-grade encryption (AES 256).

We use multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized logins.

We use multi-factor authentication to verify the identity (we send a unique code to the mobile linked to the account). The data is decrypted and only be presented after login is verified. This is why it is important to keep the login credentials secure.

How does iFactFind go above and beyond to keep data safe?

Your client’s Personal and Financial information is segregated. All personally identifiable information and financial information are kept on two different systems. Both parts of data are scrambled with different sets of encryption keys. A hacker would have to penetrate both systems and would need to know all the keys to link the information together.