A New way of gathering and maintaining Client Data, collaboratively with their adviser,
through the smart use of API's and data-feeds.


Data collection sequence has been designed to minimise duplication of information. The objective of this approach is to only require a single point of collection that becomes a single source of truth (SSOT is the practice of structuring information models and associated schemata such that every data element is stored exactly once).


Track your client's progress in Real-Time via the adviser dashboard and provide help where needed. We want to ensure efficient conversion from an Initial Prospect to an Ongoing Client.

Advisers and their clients are able to work collaboratively to gather all the required information to provide effective advice. The use of online help functions as well as a “Contact Advisor” button ensures timely and accurate completion of Fact Find.


We’ve developed iFactFind from the Ground Up with a User Experience (UX) in mind.

Both the adviser dashboard and the client dashboard have been designed to follow a logical order which includes iHELP on every section of the Fact Find.


We’ve taken the core format of the Paper Based Fact Find to a whole new level.

Finally, a full-scale database supporting the detailed collection of client information specifically for Holistic and Goals Based Advise.

iFactFind is an Open Architecture Solution designed to be used in collaboration with your existing financial planning software.


Open APIs allows data collected in iFactFind to become source data for other financial planning applications.

Appointment booking system that combines the delivery of key compliance documents with Calendar API connectivity, whether you use Exchange, Google, Office 365, iCloud or Outlook.com.