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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, as soon as you add the client to your dashboard (ADD NEW/CLIENT), you can click on the eye symbol and start to complete the iFactFind. The audit log will identify who enters the information, and so we recommend that compliance sensitive information likerisk tolerance and goals are completed under the client log-in. However, you can virtually complete the fact find before the client even sees it – leaving them to confirm the details and submit when ready.

First, you need to register your practice for a 21-day trial and once registered, you can subscribe through your iFactFind Dashboard,ADMIN CONSOLE/PRACTICE SUBSCRIPTIONS. This location is where you can add or delete the number of licenses you need in your practice. Of course, you don’t need to wait until the 21-day trial is over actually to subscribe!

iFactFind is optimised for use with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (new version). It will also work with most tablets, but we have noticed that there are problems with Safari and Firefox. We recommend either Chrome or Edge as the browser to use with iFactFind, and in need, we have added a browser download button embedded in the client dashboard.

The first solution, as with many pieces of software, is to refresh the screen. Sometimes the computer’s cache can cause a problem, and this generally fixes the issue. You will only lose any unsaved information on that page. If this persists, please call us on 1300 0 78577 (1300 0 PULSS), but any bugs that cause a system to become non-responsive are identified and reported to our development team immediately through our monitoring system.

You’re not doing anything wrong, but as part of the audit logs, we record the IP address of the computer that is adding information. Likely, you haven’t logged out as an adviser before trying to log in as the client. There is a workaround if you want to log in as both adviser and client on the same machine – one of you needs to log in through an incognito (or in-private. Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + N) window.

Simple, using video-conferencing software like Zoom or Skype, you can either share your screen with your client or, perhaps even better, get them to share the screen with you. In this way, they will be entering their details under their log-in for audit purposes. This approach is a great way to coach your clients on how to use iFactFind. Remember that with some applications you may need to switch the host from you to your client to allow them to share their screen.

Of course, the client and the adviser can add or edit client information, but support staff and paraplanners can also make changes. The audit trail will identify who changes what information; when. In this way, the client data, which often comes through in dribs and drabs, can be added by whoever gathers it.

Yes, provided the client can access their email and reply with the link in their invitation. They will also need to be able to get their SMS two-factor code. Make sure that you (the adviser) has logged out of the iFactFind before doing this to ensure that the client is able to log into the ‘client site’, rather than the ‘adviser site’.

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