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Complete Walkthrough for Advisers

Complete Walkthrough of iFactFind from Client Onboarding to the final submission of Fact Find. Open Video

  • “NOT SURE” functionality to better allow clients to move through the iFactFind process and remove impediments to completion (The missing link report).
  • Audit logs to identify who is adding data to ifactFind (client, adviser, paraplanner or support staff).
  • “Client Acknowledgement” with eSignature.

Adding a Lead

If you want to record your practice leads – here’s how.

To add a lead to your iFactFind database, follow this video to see how easy it is to add. All you need is a name, email and mobile number.

Adding a Prospect

Follow this simple process to add prospects to your practice database.

We define a prospect as someone who you know you are going to meet soon. This workflow allows you to send a specific Initial Meeting questionnaire before your first meeting. This optional module means you can gather some basic information, but more importantly, find out what the client wants to know. It starts the scoping process.

Adding a Client

Follow this quick process to add existing clients or new clients to your practice database.

The process of adding existing or new clients to your database takes a little less than 30 seconds. Once added, you can easily start to add client details to the iFactFind database – even before releasing the iFactFind to the client.

If you are meeting the client, you can add details live under either the adviser log-in or the client log-in.

Version Release: iFF -

As a part of our continued enhancement program, we have released three enhancements to the digital fact find on this month's iFactFind update.

These enhancements will improve user experience for both Financial Advisers and their clients.

  • Improved ‘Missing Link’ functionality.
  • Added extra ‘prefer not to disclose at this time’ buttons.
  • Added PIN security to sensitive info such as TFN/HIN/SRN.

Webinar: Going Digital is Logical

Just because you can’t sit in front of your client doesn’t mean that you can’t collect relevant information and build the close relationship you need. Learn how to use iFactFind with Zoom, Windows Assist, LogMeIn, TeamViewer, Skype or any other remote communication software of your choice so that your clients can complete their iFactFind with your assistance in real time.

If there was ever a time to consider a software solution that has been designed from the ground up to allow for social distancing - this is the time! The ability to interact with your client remotely – not one-way, but with true two-way communication is core to iFactFind.

Client: How To

As a financial adviser, you may wish to provide this video to your clients as it will guide them through how to navigate the iFactFind - online digital fact find.

Webinar: iFactFind + Xplan Integration

The webinar will go through the entire process of downloading clients, establishing client links between Xplan and iFactFind and setting up the synchronisation.

Tutorial: iFactFind + Xplan Integration

The tutorial will go through the entire process of downloading clients, establishing client links between Xplan and iFactFind and setting up the synchronisation.

See what maps and how the perpetually live iFactFind is the new standard in data collection.

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