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iFactFind™ was born from the frustration felt by holistic financial planners in not having a comprehensive and analysable database for client information. Not just marketing information, but detailed financial information, including financial and life goals.

Our founders, a 25-year financial planning veteran and a database architect, came together to solve this problem.

Holistic financial planners need real, detailed and accurate data about their clients to be able to help them make the right decisions. We know that this information is a lot more thorough than the simple solutions currently being promoted as simple or robo-financial advice.

Holistic financial planners and advisers must make sure they consider all the angles (tax, timing, actual investments, real and detailed goals and more) before making recommendations and then be able to justify those recommendations with supporting evidence.

We have made many enhancements based on user experience so far, but we will keep improving and enhancing iFactFind as we get more feedback from users. We have one simple company goal – to be the best digital fact-find available in Australia!

Real-time collaboration between the adviser and their client.

iFactFind™ provides true database capability into your client data collection. Rather than manual reverse fact finds before client reviews, clients can simply log-in, amend where necessary, and you will be able to ‘snapshot your client’s current situation each time you provide advice. This snapshot will be stored for compliance purposes at the push of a button.

Rather than simply waiting for the information, the adviser has live access to what the client has completed. Client information is gathered collaboratively so that the ‘helping’ relationship commences early in the relationship. You will know what is outstanding, who is committed to completing (and whose commitment is waiving), and when to schedule SoA production all via the adviser dashboard. Additionally, any details you obtain can be directly entered into the client file – on the go.

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